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New inking method

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Today we talked with Yaron Azoulay, enterpreneur from Israel, who created Inkspate and new way of the ink.

Tell me please a couple of words about yourself. What do you do?

I am a 39 year old business man from Tel Aviv, Israel. I remember myself as a kid being fascinated by tattoos and got my first tattoo before I was 20, since then I got about 20 more each one being special to me. Today I am fully involved in Inkspate, we are a new company with big dreams and great ideas working together with tattoo artists on production and innovations concerning the tattoo world.

How did you start building tattoo machines?

When I got my last tattoo I remember looking at the tattoo artist as he dipped the needle in the ink cup back and forth again and again and I thought to myself, what a waste of time, it passed through my mind that nothing has really changed in the last 20 years. And then it hit me “The ballpoint pen compared to the plume”. That’s when I started to think about a more efficient way to create a tattoo and the concept of Inkspate started to form in my mind. I formed a team and It took us two years to design and make a prototype that works smoothly and integrates easily with all the common tattoo machines and needles.

Tell me please about your current products.

We are currently selling our products with our new technology, where the tattoo artist can dispense ink more easily and more efficiently by a push of a button, instead of having to re-dip the needle. We offer three different kinds of Inkspate’s tattoo devices: disposable, aluminum and stainless steel grips and tips, that work as a unit with our unique ink cartridges. Of course, we have a variety of colors, sizes and we are also open to custom requests.

Did you make a lot of mistakes during building your first machine? Who was the first model? How many modernizations have you made since building your first machine?

It was not easy at all to get to the current design here in Inkspate, there were many obstacles on the way. First, we had the idea to get rid of re-dipping the needles into the ink cups, this involved many different designs of ink cartridges and tips. We had to control the drop size and flow of the ink. In addition, we had to make sure the tattoo artist will have a comfortable grip and that everything works well with the current tattoo machines and needles.

One major problem we faced, was switching colors and having the lead tube in the tip clean from the previous ink cartridge. This involved hydrophobic coatings and special designs of the lead tube and tip. Our design today is very easy to use, by a push of a button you will always have the same amount of ink being dispensed and flow to the edge of the needle smoothly. Changing colors only involves changing the ink cartridge and the usual cleaning of the needle.

It would be great, if you could tell me about your future plans about tattoo machines production.

We have many plans, right now we are working on a new design of the tattoo machine itself, using piezo electric motors. We are planning to have a super exact and smooth operating machine which will go along with our new ink dispensing technology to provide the tattoo artist with the maximum conditions for achieving the best results.

What is your opinion about production of tattoo machines in the future?

I think that the future must bring great changes to the tattoo world, it is quite amazing that we are still using 20 year old technology. I do believe that Inkspate will take a bigger and bigger role pushing forward to abandon the old methods of re-dipping the needle and giving the tattoo artists more comfort and efficiency.

What would you like to share with people, you can freely tell.

I would like to tell the artist in the tattoo world not to be scared to try out our new products, check out our project on Indiegogo.

An introduction pack costs only 30$ and you get a pack that includes 12 units of ink cartridges, grips and tips that work perfectly with the existing tattoo machines and needles. Such a small price to try out the newest and coolest tattoo technology.

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